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solar power dc fridge
dc fridge freezer
  • solar freezer
  • refrigerator (-20 ℃ can reach charged by two solar panels)
  • solar fridge 2
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  • Brand Name: Future Solar / Customized
  • Model No.:
  • Minimum Order: 50 sets
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 days
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Cash
  • Certificates: CE/ISO/SGS/GMC/TUV/RoHs

DC fridge Information

The FUTURE SOLAR fridge and freezer are widely used across Africa and can be supplied with the optional solar kit. Superior insulation and efficient 24V energy saving refrigeration system ensures minimum power consumption whilst giving performance equal to a mains power appliance.
The Solar panels will charge all day and then it runs on battery all night. Solar fridge, solar freezer can be use in RV, marine, cabin etc.,
Energy saving refrigeration is the backbone of The FUTURE SOLAR fridge and freezer success and is based on its continued investment in providing solutions where :
Low power options are needed.
Intermittent power is a problem.
Mains power is unreliable
Solar power is the only available source or preferred eco-friendly solution.


ADVANTAGE of Future Solar fridge/ freezer/ refrigerator

1 . Can be powered by grid power, battery power, and solar power. (3 different ways)
2. Minimum power consumption.
3. Build-in lithium-ion battery, which long lifespan and lighter. You don’t need to buy another battery for the solar fridge /solar freezer.
4. Battery protection board can control battery charge and discharge to keep the battery and solar fridge work in good performance and extend battery life.
5. The freezer temperature can be down to minus 20 degree, freeze more efficient.
6. Equipped with MPPT Controller which make solar panel more efficiently, extend battery life span and indicate running status.
7. Temperature controller, adjust range from 0 to -20 degree.
8. With technology of time control model combine with temperature control model, save more energy and work efficiently.

solar dc freezer, solar fridge


Our solar freezer or fridge with the efficiency need for solar power operation is only a solar panel, please check our solar panel here. The entire line of dc powered solar refrigerators operate fully on dc power. You do not require an inverter to operate our solar powered refrigerators. Ideally suited for off grid locations or locations where power interruptions are common and daily occurrences. Now you can keep your food fresh and safe even if your power is unreliable. The solar powered refrigerator may be used in boats, RV's campgrounds, etc. The solar fridge can easily replace a propane or generator powered refrigerator. By using a dc powered solar refrigerator, you can save 100's of dollars a year in lowered electricity costs or fuel bills.


Specifications of DC refrigerator with solar panel,off grid and grid-tied