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Guangzhou Future Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focus on off-grid solar power generation since the establishment of 2006. We own a number of invention patents and utility model patents. Based on the proprietary technology of controller &inverter and strong R & D capability, and taking EASY &SIMPLE as the designing philosophy for all the course from shipment to installation and especially for the operation and maintenance, Future Solar has developed and produced many series of products including low power of DC lighting kits, medium and high power of Dc Solar Home System, AC&DC Output Solar Home Kits, AC&DC Output Controller &Inverter Integrated Machines, Off-grid Solar UPS Hybrid System etc. totally more than 80 models, and all of them have been intensively sold to Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, etc., and gain high praise from all the distributors and end users.

Furthermore, we also offer the following valuable services and solutions based on our practical high-technology and comprehensive and reliable products:
I. We specially offer professional and efficient customized services (e.g. OEM/ODM), including training service and comprehensive technical support and marketing & operational support.
II. We are always trying our best to offer valuable and impeccable solutions, including all-around DC solutions (DC lighting, DC fan, DC TV, DC fridge and DC air-condition), complete solar villa project solutions, solar pump solutions etc.
Dedicated to become the Off-grid Solar PV Expert, we sincerely expect to do our contribution to the human needs and global environmental protection industry together with you!


Future Solar features the most outstanding advantage on the technology, research and development on the off-grid solar PV industry, and presenting the most fruitful achievement on many patents and technology, (patent both for invention and utility models), rich products and valuable service.

* We submitted an invention on the solar fridge, charged by a solar panel only, without any battery or inverter, but effecting a below 0 centigrade. 

* We own the invention for redundancy technology (stacking technology) with which we can make a 20KW, 40KW or even higher power high-efficiency-inverter by stacking modules in series which presents a very stable performance. With this technology, the performance of Solar & UPS Hybrid System can also be significantly improved. 

* We got the patent for the selectable output voltage of 110/220V and frequency of 50/60HZ, with this long tested technique function, our products are universal all over the world. 

* We possess experienced R & D team which includes senior R & D engineers, electronic engineers, professional appearance and structural designers. 

* With special and advanced technology and 7 year’s Painstaking research and development, long-testing and accumulation, we are becoming the expert on the off-grid solar PV industry, offering rich products and valuable service to our distributers and customers!


Easy & Simple as a kind of philosophy, is throughout our history and plays a more and more important role to our company and even the whole solar PV industry. 1. Simplify complex issues, create products easy and simple for customers Early at the period during our company’s establishment at 2006, the off-grid solar PV systems (mainly the household use systems) were far from professional on the market, all of them were DIY kinds which brought a lot of trouble to the solar power system’s assemble, customer’s operation and the maintenance especially imported far from china. 2. Easy and simple for the other aspects as principle In the following developing way down, we follow and spread the idea and develop out many series of products, part of them are the whole kit which are plug and play, easy to us and maintain, part of them are light with battery connected external for easy transportation, connection, operation and maintenance. 3. Easy& simple becomes as our soul and philosophy As advantage’s coming up, our business has significantly increased and our company stands out on this field. On one hand, we make more investment to the research and development, making sure the offering of the significant product, On the other hand, we are also building the packaged and efficient service to other important distributors and customers, aim at helping them to become professional in one week and build their own brand in a short time to prior break into and seize the huge market.


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