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DC Lighting System with FM and MP3 Player

  • Brand Name: Future Solar / Customized
  • Model No.:
  • Minimum Order: 50 sets
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 days
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Cash
  • Certificates: CE/ISO/SGS/GMC/TUV/RoHs

Products Information

off-grid portable solar system

Portable & cute,
Mp3 & radio function,
run DC appliance,
mobile phone charging

portable solar system for shed, van, hike

Solar panel —— environmental &save energy
Inside battery —— never lose power
Mp3 & radio function —— catch every exciting moment

Size:240*130*170mm,metal handle design

solar system with solar panel

Remote control
Small size & multifunctional only tiny press

solar system with solar panel

Remote control
Small size & multifunctional only tiny press

solar system with solar panel
solar panel wholesale

MONO or poly
Maximum power(Wp)
Maximum power voltage(V)
Maximum current(A)
Open circuti voltage(V)
Short circuit current(A)
Number of cells(pcs)
Size of module(mm)
Temperature coefficient of Isc(%)
Temperature coefficient of Voc(%)
Temperature coefficient of Pm(%)
Temperature coefficient of Im(%)
Temperature coefficient of Vm(%)
Temperature Range
Tolerance Wattage(e.g. +/-5%)
Surface Maximum Load Capacity
Allowable Hail Load
Cell Efficiency(%)
Module Efficiency
Output tolerance(%)
Frame (Material,Corners,etc)

60m/s (200kg/sq.m)
steel ball fall down from 1m herght


Rated current
over-voltage protection
under-voltage protection
under-voltage recovering
Static currrent
Protecting function

Operating condition

Storage and transportation condition
Protection degree

Integrated USB output(5v)

Over-charged protection, over-discharged protection, Short current protection,over load protection( for DC output)
height=5000m; -10°C~+40°C;
95% relative humidity (no coagulation)
4(solar charge indicator,battery working indicator,
5V output indicator,
12V output indicator

Future Solar is proud to offer this complete powerful solar lighting system with solar panel, control unit with a battery and cables, connectors and switches. In addition, this system has built-in FM radio and MP3 player, all 100% powered by solar, plus a remote control for your convenience.
The control unit has a built-in battery with an automatic solar charge controller to manage the charging process and prevent overcharging. The solar panel supplied with the system can fully charge this battery within about 7-8 hours of bright sunshine (longer in cloudy weather), and the battery can provide enough energy to power LED lights for continuous 5-6 hours, or twice as long if only two LED lights are connected. The system comes with a fully integrated FM radio and MP3 player powered by the same solar panel / battery. MP3 player can play files from a standard USB drive, SD or MMC memory card. For your convenience the product also includes a little remote control to manage FM radio / MP3 player.


solar powered offgrid system


  • With 3W*6 pcs led lamp with 5m cable and switch in set, solar panel is with 10m cable, with phone charging unit.
  • Inverter can be connected external for an option (so this DC model can be converted into AC model by connecting an inverter external)
  • Ideal for places with no access to grid power such as garages, sheds, cabins, stables, barns, etc.,
  • Built-in solar charge controller protects the battery from overcharging
  • USB port to charge
All-around protection
Fine copper insert

Plug design&contact pin
easy maintenance

Fine copper wire

Reduce loss

Fine copper plug

Connecting battery & controller
simple installation

Clear LED indicator

Show working situation
extend system lifespan

Lead-acid battery

Free maintenance
store more energy

Product Specifications

Model S201 S202 S204
Solar Panel 18V15W 18V25W 18V50W
Battery 12V7AH 12V12AH 12V24AH
Controller 12V3A
Output Port USB*2+DC 12V*2 USB*2+DC 12V*6
USB output voltage 5V
USB output ampere1A
DC output voltage 12V
DC output ampere 3A
Radio FM
MP3 standard USB drive, SD or MMC memory card
LED 12V3W*3 12V3W*6
USB Adapter USB compatible devices
Phone adapter 5 USB-compatible mobile phones are included
MP3 remote control
 Length of solar panel cable: 10m
Length of LED lights cables: 5m
Working Data
Fully charging time 7 7 8
LED Lamp In Set 8 12 15
Radio/MP3 20 32 75
5W Mini Fan 12 22 50
6W Mini TV 11 18 42
15W Stand Fan 5 8 18
*Using time after fully charged (Hour)
Packing Size
System Case
L(mm) 310 310 390
W(mm) 205 205 330
H(mm) 280 280 380
Weight(kg) 5.7 7.5 13.8
Solar Panel
L(mm) 395 610 845
W(mm) 350 350 515
H(mm) 25 25 30
Weight(kg) 1.7 2.6 5


Customer Reviews from one of our Dealers in Amazon
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful By MR Ebenezer Ndzenyuy on 22 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase
Worked as expected, only I would have freffered longer wiring and ability to add to the system, but ok for light use in a region with much sunshine.
Audio players included were a very welcome bonus.

By Ian Stewart on 19 July 2015
...out of the box.
Simple to set up, but like a lot of reviewers, the issue with no fixings to hang the panel was a head scratcher at first.
With a little imagination and a few bits and pieces from the shed, I managed to rig a hanger to hang off the top of the shed and although not ideal or as sturdy as I would like, it works.
With it being a bright, sunny day in sarf London yesterday, the battery charged up in about six hours and I rigged up a couple of the lights under our umbrella and they gave terrific light with no dimming or fading for our after barbie chinwag from about half nine till one o'clock in the morning.

Overall, although early days, money well spent.

By L A Taylor on 12 Jun. 2015
Verified Purchase
This has proven to be a really good buy. I have it set up in my greenhouse and it is nice to listen to the radio while working in there and the lights do a great job if I have to go in there after dark. The cables for the lights are long enough that I have two lights in the greenhouse and one in the adjoining shed. I will probably buy another set for a summer house later in the year.

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful By Mr M McCarry on 23 Jun. 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought this kit to provide light in a cottage I am working on which has no access to mains electricity at the minute.

A decent quality of light for a number of low power bulbs. It's not as bright as say a household 12w cf bulb, but it's more than enough to get the job done. Using more than one bulb in the same area will resolve this problem.
Seems to charge pretty quickly,even in relatively low light conditions.
Ability to plug in a usb of music is quite handy when working remotely, sound quality is okay for an integrated speaker.
Ability to charge up a phone when off the grid is also very handy.
Even with the three bulbs on, i haven't been able to drain the battery as yet while working for over 5 hours.

Radio reception is not very good in the location that I have this kit. I've no problem getting radio in the car but this kit doesn't seem to pick it up. (This isn't a major issue for me as the ability to plug in a usb key allows music to be played.) I don't know if this is a problem generally or just with my location.
Bulb construction is quite flimsy. One bulb was DOA, but the seller replaced it immediately. I would recommend maybe picking up a few replacement bulbs if you are going to be moving this kit about a lot.
The universal USB adaptor kit included does not include micro usb, If you want to charge a phone with this adaptor, be sure to have your own cable.

I've been using this kit for a couple of weeks now and generally I'm very happy with it. It does what I wanted it to do. I will be ordering some replacement bulbs to have as a back up. I'd recommend any one who buys this should do the same due to the flimsy bulb construction.

Verified Purchase
Really good bit of kit, perfect for a shed we have that doesnt have power, added bonus of the radio and ipod connectivity.

By mrs lavinia kilbride on 28 Aug. 2014
Ideal product for my little log cabin i can play music now and have lighting also all off grid brilliant!