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 Solar Lantern

Solar latern, approved by lighting global
Solar latern, approved by lighting global
  • Solar latern, approved by lighting global
  • Solar latern, approved by lighting global
  • Solar latern
  • Brand Name: Future Solar / Customized
  • Model No.:
  • Minimum Order: 50 sets
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 days
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Cash
  • Certificates: CE/ISO/SGS/GMC/TUV/RoHs

Products Information(lighting Global product)

It has the function as a lighting lantern as well as a mobile phone charger. this solar lantern are suitable for remote moutain regions, fishing boats, tourist sites, schools, hospitals and any places without electricity supply.
Solar latern


Warranty InformationSCL-01SCL-02
A 1-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.
Performance Details
  Nrightness Setting
Performance Measure Brightest Half Brightness
Full battery run time*(hours) 12 23
Run time per day of solar charging*(hours) 5 8.9
Total light output(lumens) 140 76
Total area with illumination > 50 lux**(m2) 0.5 0.3
Total lighting service(lumen-hours / solar-day) 700 680
*Run time estimates do not account for mobile phone charging or other auxiliary loads; the run time is defined as the time until the output is 70% of the initial, stabilized output.
**Total area with illumination > 50 lux is determined by the maximum area with adequate illumination at a 0.75 m distance and at the distance from which the product would normally provide task lighting service.
Lighting Details
Lamp type LED
Description of light points 36 LED's are arranged as a column with plastic cover
Color characteristics CRI 85
CCT "Cool"(5000-7000K)
Distribution type Omindirectional
Lumen maintenance 99% of the original output remains after 2,000 hours run time
Special Features
Mobile Charging Adapters included
Overall durability and workmanship Pass
Durability tests passed Drop test, switch and connector cycling, strain relief test, physical ingress protection test. Water ingress protection not tested; meant for indoor use only.
Solar Details
PV module type Polycrystalline silicon
PV maximum power point 2.8 watts
Battery Details
Battery replaceability Easily replaceable with common tools
Battery chemistry Lithium iron phosphate
Battery package type 4X18650 package
Battery nominal voltage 3.2V
Battery capacity 3007mAh
Appropriate battery protection circuit Pass


  • 1).Charge before using if possible, the LED indicator become Red when in charging
  • 2).Please charge timely when light becomes weak
  • 3). Please keep solar modules/panel facing the sun. Plug the solar panels' jack into charging socket. Always keep a vertical angle to the sun if possible in order to have a better sunlight collecting effects. You can adjust the solar panel's angle according to the latitude in your areas.
  • 4).Any severs strikes, drops, shocks, fires on the lamps are prohibited in order to avoid possible damages.

Warranty Period