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Solar Automatic Spinkle System
Solar Automatic Spinkle System
  • Solar Automatic Spinkle System
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  • Brand Name: Future Solar / Customized
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  • Minimum Order: 50 sets
  • Delivery Time: 7-15 days
  • Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Cash
  • Certificates: CE/ISO/SGS/GMC/TUV/RoHs

Products Information

The components of solar powered intelligent drip irrigation system are shown in Fig. Soil moisture sensor is used for real-time collection of crop root soil moisture content and converting it into a signal in the range of Voltage V; and the signal will transformed as knowledge of water requirement of crop. Soil moisture content at the root zone of different crops is collected by using the soil moisture sensor. The threshold limit for the water requirement for a particular crop has been feed to system which in turn controls the operation the control system. The power needed for the operation of the control system has been met with the use of a solar panel and the display will receive the control signal and display the data stored using the sensor from the field.

it uses low output micro drippers, only operates once every 3 hours and only for a period of time which is dependent on how much the sun shines - the more the sun shines - the more the plants need water - the longer the pump works - the plants get more water.

 They are for use with rainwater butts, water tanks and other reservoirs. It's great for tree and shrub establishment too. Keeps your plants especially those tomatoes in the greenhouse watered when you are on holiday.

Makes a Great Gift for a keen Gardener.

It saves the hassle of lugging a watering can around the greenhouse, garden or allotment everyday and gives peace of mind while away on holiday.
Regular watering encourages better growth and plant stability.

The kit comes with 30m of  micro-tubing and 24 hours low output drippers with all the necessary fixings to reach from your rainwater storage  to either 24 small plants in the greenhouse or on raised beds, borders,  vegetable gardens and on newly planted trees to give your plants regular watering. The pump has an adjustment to reduce watering when fewer drippers or smaller pots are used.

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